For Exhibitors

Questions about your tables, change of name on exhibitor badges, etc.

I mailed an application for tables at the Baltimore Antique Arms Show in September. The check that accompanied my application was cashed. Does that mean that I will get a table?

All checks are cashed as they are received. Applications for tables are reviewed by members of the show committee and selections are made from the pool of applications. Notifications will be sent out in mid to late January. If you are not selected for a table a refund check will be mailed to you.

If you had a table at last year’s show [received an application for this year’s show and experienced no “problems” at last year’s show], there is a reasonable expectation that you will be selected for a table this year.

I would like to apply for tables at the Baltimore Antique Arms Show. What do I need to do?

Write to the show post office box and request an application for the upcoming show. Also there will be a sign-up sheet for applications on the information table at the show.  (Note: New Mailing Address)

Maryland Arms Collectors Association
P.O. Box 1276
Ranson, WV  25438

What’s with all these rules I hear about?

The Baltimore Antique Arms Show is the “Crown Jewel” of collectors’ shows because we maintain high standards. We expect the exhibitors to follow the rules set forth in the application and to bring the type of items indicated on the application.

You will not see tables of camo and modern ammo. You will not be able to purchase beef jerky or survival gear. You will not see tables loaded with new modern rifles in the factory box or piles of SKS rifles. You will not find modern handguns (post 1898) for sale at the show. We have no objection to any of these things, but this show is, and has been from its inception, a show primarily aimed toward pre-1898 guns.

You will notice that all the tables are uncovered when the show is opened to the public and that exhibitors do not pack up to leave until the show is closed at 3:00 PM on Sunday.

You will see many of the authorities in the field of arms collecting gathered at the show. You will see the finest antique arms, militaria, classic 20th century sporting arms, and military arms through the WW II era.

Yes, we have rules and the rules make the Baltimore Antique Arms Show the “Crown Jewel” of collectors’ shows.

What is the table size?

All tables are eight feet in length.

When may I pick up my table badge?

Table packets may be picked up at 12:00 noon on Friday, March 15, 2024. The show will open for exhibitor set up at 12:30 pm on Friday the 15th. Badges are not interchangeable, don’t jeopardize your opportunity to exhibit at future Maryland Arms Collectors shows.

How much do badge changes cost?

There will be a ten dollar charge for badge changes at the show. If you need to change names on your exhibitor’s badge contact us by email or write to the club PO Box.